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Indiana Garage Guy’s 28 Point Garage Construction Process

After designing thousands of garage construction plans and erecting hundreds of structures across Northwest Indiana, we have created a comprehensive process. This 28 point process firmly guides our construction schedule, and ensures that we use the highest quality materials available. If you would like to create a garage plan that is backed by experience and competence, then contact the Indiana Garage Guy, Indiana’s number one garage construction company.

28 Point Garage Construction Process

Summary of Our 28 Point Process

Indiana Garage Guy is a lincesced contractor for the state of Indiana that specializes in building custom garages. Our crew of professional tradesmen have mastered their craft and stake their reputation on the high quality of the garages they build. We take special care to respect your property and your personal preferences when it comes to the build, so that you are completely satisfied with our work and the finished product.

Below is the typical breakdown of each of our builds, and if you have any question about this process, please feel free to contact us!

Tear Down & Foundation: The first step to building a detached garage is to clear the area where it will stand to form the foundation. This often involves demolition of an existing structure and clearing the property of the debris. We will even tear out the old slab of concrete in order to pour a new foundation.

Concrete Construction: To secure the foundation, concrete of 4000 psi is used and fortified with a base of crushed stone and mesh. Basic garage designs call for Keystone style pour, that is reinforced with ⅝ double rebar and is poured into a slab that is 4-5 inches deep. In order to combat moisture throughout the build, we treat our 2×4 inch green wood lumber and secure it to the foundation using anchor bolts.

Building the Walls and Roof Support: A wood based sheathing board is used to create the walls, using the green wood lumber as a guide. The rafters, which consist of 2×6 lumber of stud greade is held up using galvanized ring shank nails. These nails are specially designed to join construction materials and the rings prevent the nails from losing their grip.

Once the rafters and roof support are in place, more sheathing is placed to give the roof its shape.

Roofing and Siding: One of the most crucial steps of the construction process is to add the roofing materials and siding. We will do our utmost to match the shingle color of your home so that the garage will look as similar as possible. We offer several different siding materials for you to choose from, including stucco, cement, wood, and composite, so that you can have an exact match with your home.

The Garage Door and Electrical Wiring: We adhere to industry standards when installing garage doors, and the door opening will be discussed during the planning process. For a 2-car garage plan, we use 2×12 headers, laminated beams, and a flitch plate to keep the door from sagging and able to withstand many years of use. As the premier garage builder of Hoosier state, we take great pride in being able to accommodate any door size, and can custom fit yours to perfectly suit your vehicle needs.

The electrical wiring is the final stage of building a garage, and we will ensure that the door and lights are all operational.

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