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Not many people consider how useful and important a garage is to the overall aesthetic and functionality of a house. A versatile garage can act as a storage space, parking spot, and even a recreation area for homeowners and their families. If you are trying to decide what to do with your garage, or if you need a new garage to be built on your property, then contact the company that has been building garages in your area for years. The Indian Garage Guys have been one of the most trusted garage construction companies in Hobart, and we are ready to put our expert skills to work for you!

Reliable and Knowledgeable

As one of the few licensed garage contractors in northwest Indiana, we have extensive knowledge of the needs and requirements of constructing garages in your area. All of our crew members have certifications that qualify them to build 1, 2, and up to 5 car garages. Our team follows a 28-point garage construction process to ensure that every inch of your new garage is built to our standards and your specifications.

Appearance You Will Love

When designing your new garage, we will walk you through examples of previous builds we have done, but allow you freedom of customization. A custom garage means that you will have a choice of materials, garage door style, and colors to make this new space entirely your own. Our team members are there for guidance when you need them, and will help inform you on the best location for windows and doors, as well as help you envision the final product.

Why Build a New Garage

Garages should be seen as a useful addition to your home that can serve multiple purposes. The most obvious is to store and protect your vehicles while they are not in use, but the same can be said for tools, equipment, and other items that require storage. Garages can also be utilized as a workspace for crafts and hobbies, specifically ones that may require some form of epoxy floor coating to protect against damages or stains.

Garages can be used as workspaces for tools and equipment.

Another reason to build a new garage that is rarely considered is the value that it adds to your home. If you are interested in selling your home within the next few years, a brand-new garage will boost your curb appeal and have prospective buyers boosting their budgets.

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Contacting us today will set you up for a free on-site estimate for your home so that you can begin planning your dream garage. We provide free consultations as well, to help you determine exactly what you need out of this garage. Financing options are also available in order to make the garage building process more affordable for you. To have us build a small or large custom garage for you in no time, just fill out our estimate form and we will be in touch with you shortly!

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