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Choosing the right company for your new garage is essential, and Indiana Garage Guys is prepared to create a durable, top-notch garage tailored to your needs. Our skilled craftsmen use only premium materials to construct our garages, whether for a single car, two cars, extra storage space, or perhaps a home gym. With a range of design choices at affordable prices, we’re here to boost your property with the extra room and modern look you’re seeking.

1 Car Garage

Do you want to increase your home’s value and create space for more than just your car? If you do, adding a single-car garage is an excellent choice! This garage will not only increase the market value of your property but it can also be designed to complement and enhance your home’s appearance.

2 Car Garage

As we’ve said, your garage is not necessarily used only for vehicle storage. It can serve as a storage area or a place for hobbies, working out, or work projects, to name a few possible uses. Although constructing a garage may appear a fairly simple project, it’s best to enlist the services of highly experienced professionals to handle the job. And in the area of experience, no one does garage construction better than the craftsmen at Indiana Garage Guys.

Two-car garages come in various sizes. Typically they’re either 18×20 ft or 24×24 ft, but we can tailor your garage to suit your specific requirements. The essentials are pretty basic. These include a flat lot for the foundation and compliance with local building codes and regulations.

Customization – Working with the Indiana Garage Guys

With every project we undertake, our goal is to deliver a stunning garage that boosts your property’s worth. Before construction begins, we will always engage in a detailed discussion with you regarding the design and style you want to guarantee it aligns perfectly with your vision.

From that point on, from laying the foundation to driving the final nail, you’re informed every step of the way about the progress of your new garage.

To assure superior quality, our team adheres to a comprehensive 28-point process that guides every project, ensuring we use only the highest-quality materials in constructing your garage. We also obtain all required permits and we strictly comply with all local building regulations.

Garage Construction Costs

The price of constructing a garage depends on its size as well as other requirements such as electrical wiring and needed plumbing, among others. However, detached garages typically cost less than building an attached garage, making them an economical option, but we can construct either one.

At Indiana Garage Guys we are happy to provide financing solutions to reduce the strain on your family budget and make your garage project more accessible. Also, watch for our promotional offers to save even more.

During the design and customization phase, we collaborate with you to tailor every aspect, from the choice of windows to the materials for the doors, ensuring everything complements the aesthetics of your home.

Garage Construction in Indiana

Indiana New Garage Construction – Trust Indiana Garage Guys

We’re always excited to assist in increasing the value of your Indiana home by building a new garage, and we’re always delighted to offer you a free estimate. Just give us a call or reach out to us online, and we’ll put you in touch with a designer to begin crafting your custom garage. We’ll ensure that the garage’s color, style, and design perfectly accentuate your Indiana residence.

We’re anxious to work with you in building your new garage, so please don’t delay. Reach out to Indiana Garage Guys today, and let’s get going!

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