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2 Car Garage Plans And Designs

A garage can be an incredibly versatile space that you can utilize as a storage space for multiple vehicles and tools, or convert into a workspace for your projects and hobbies. Building such a space may not seem too complicated, but as with many things, it is best to hire professionals. The cost to build a 2-car garage with the Indiana Garage Guy is as low as $13,999, so contact us today!

2 Car Garage Dimensions

When it comes to the standard 2-car garage size, our size range varies from 18 ft by 20 ft up to 24 ft by 24 ft. The structure can be even larger if needed, and we will work with you on the design so that the garage perfectly suits your needs. All that we require is that the garage foundation can be placed on a level lot and that the local codes and regulations are adhered to.

What to Expect From Indiana Garage Guy

Our professional and experienced crew has been building detached garages for years, and we have crafted an optimal and comprehensive 28-point process. This process has been expanded upon throughout the years to make sure every structure is up to our standards and remains cost-effective. Our team is skilled and knowledgeable and showcases their abilities by quickly and efficiently constructing your garage.

Garage Construction Services Munster

As for what you can expect to pay, the price range can depend on the size of the structure. Detached garages cost less than attached garage extensions, thus making them the more economical option for prospective renovators. Even with this more cost-effective construction, we offer several financing options and solutions to lower the installation cost and make your garage more affordable.

We also frequently update our promotions and offerings, so even if you cannot currently justify the purchase, you can save money until a discount comes around that you can take advantage of.

Our designs and constructions are also highly customizable, and we will collaborate with you during the planning phase so that you have a say in every detail. If you have specific window inserts or a garage door material that you prefer, we will work to make sure it fits the aesthetic of both the garage and your home. According to experts, a garage door is the second most valuable investment you can make to increase the value of your home.

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We want to help you increase your home’s worth, and are excited to work with you on your new garage! Contact us today to be connected with a professional designer so that you can start formulating your custom garage. We will help you match the color, style, and layout of the garage to your home so that it looks beautiful.

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