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Garage Construction Estimates for Northwest Indiana

Homeowners across Indiana are looking for new and innovative ways to increase the appeal and functionality of their properties. Finding the right project to focus on and commit your time and money to is no easy task, as each requires research and budgeting. A major project that could add both curb appeal and additional security to your home would be to construct a detached garage.

Detached garage buildings add numerous benefits to your home, and we would encourage you to contact our garage builder estimators to find out more about our construction process. They will be able to quickly calculate the expected material, building permits, and labor costs so that you have an accurate idea of what you can expect to pay. Our expertise will be available both before and throughout the construction process so that you can have any of your questions answered in a timely manner.

Starting with a Solid Foundation

The first aspect of one of our onsite estimates will be the concrete construction process, as this will be the foundation upon which the garage will be built. Our team uses 5/8 rebar steel enforcements in this foundation and lay moisture-resistant bottom plates at the points where anchor bolts are installed. This helps protect the structural integrity from moisture over time so that no matter what your desired garage size is, it will stay standing for many years to come.

Roof Support that Holds Up

Just as a solid foundation is required for a strong structure, roof support is also required to make sure that your investment is well protected. We utilize heavy-duty roof trusses to provide durability and strength to each and every one of our buildings. Once the roof structure is set in place, then we will help you select a shingle color to achieve a completely customized look for your new garage.

Our mission is to help you realize your vision of an ideal garage by providing a wide variety of customizable options.

Free Estimates You can Count on

The Indiana Garage Guys believe in complete transparency and honesty when it comes to providing estimates to our clientele. We take various conditions into consideration so that we are not fictitious with the price or time frame. You will understand everything that is required to build a garage with a cost estimator guiding you through the intricate process from start to finish.

If you reside near Highland, Hammond, or Gary, Indiana, and are looking for experienced garage-building professionals, then feel free to contact us to get a free estimate. Our team will work off of your availability to schedule the estimate, demonstrating our commitment to your satisfaction from the start!

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