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Customizable Building Plans for Garages

Crafting the perfect garage is unique for every property, so the Indiana Garage Guy believes the key to success is customization. As one of the most experienced garage builders in Indiana, we have designed, collaborated, and constructed countless unique garage buildings throughout the years. To help you envision and realize the garage of your dreams, we provide four plans that you can choose from to get the customization started.

Structure Styles

  • 2-Point Roof – Also known as a Gable Roof Design, this is the standard garage roof style you have seen countless times. The triangular gable faces the road and the design is set to mirror your home’s aesthetics.
  • Reverse Gable Roof – One of the more common roof garage plans, the angle of the roofline slopes to the front and back of the garage. The gable on this design faces the sides, instead of the street like the previous design.
  • 4-Point Roof – This design is exceptional for handling severe windstorms and has extra storage space. The Indiana Garage Guy offers several variations on this design.
  • I-Joist Garage — If maximizing the storage capacity of your property is your goal, then this is the garage design for you. This advanced strength of the I-joist wood beams allows the structure to support the weight of additional storage above.
Reverse Gable Roof

Roof Pitch Guide

When it comes to figuring out the pitch of the roof, we have a simple guide that you can use. In the first image, the 4 means that the roof rises 4” for every 12” it runs, thus the higher the first number, the steeper the pitch.

Roof Pitch Guide

Garage Size

There is no standard garage size that fits every homeowner’s needs, so our goal is to provide as many options as possible for our customers. There are various factors that affect the size of a garage that we believe are worth consideration:

  • Capacity – The number of vehicles that you need to store in your detached garage will be a crucial factor. Whether it is a small single-car garage for your personal vehicle or a multiple-car garage plan where you can store your family’s vehicles and tools, the Indiana Garage Guy can have your structure custom-built in a reasonable timeframe.
  • Storage – Gardening and lawn maintenance tools, hobby items such as workbenches, and recreational items can all be stored within your new garage.
  • Style – Our goal is to provide not only you with a space that is functional but also one that adds beauty and value to your home. We can use a variety of styles, sizes, materials, and color choices to ensure that your new garage is aesthetically pleasing and matches your current structures.
Garage Size

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We help dozens of homeowners each month design and create custom garages, and we hope to enhance your property in the near future. Contact us today to schedule your free estimate and consultation!

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