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When it comes to Highland garage construction, it’s crucial to select the appropriate builder, and finding the right contractor can be a daunting task. Fortunately, Indiana Garage Guys is available to assist you in creating a high-quality, long-lasting garage that meets all of your requirements. Our experienced team utilizes top-notch materials to construct custom garages, whether you need space for one car, two cars, or simply room for additional storage.

We provide a wide range of design options at affordable prices to enhance the appearance of your home, giving it the additional space and refreshed look you desire.

We urge you to continue reading to discover the unique single-car and two-car garages we can build for you in Highland and neighboring areas.

1 Car Garage

Looking to increase the value of your home and create additional space, and not just for your vehicle? If you are, constructing a single-car garage is a wise decision! These garages have the potential to enhance the attractiveness and worth of your property, and they can be customized to seamlessly blend with the design of your house.

2 Car Garage

As we’ve said, a garage can serve a purpose beyond just providing parking space for vehicles; it can also be an area for storage, hobbies, or even work-related projects. While building a garage may seem like a simple task at first, it’s important to team up with professionals in garage construction. When it comes to expert garage construction, Indiana Garage Guys is the leading choice in the industry.

Typically, standard two-car garages are available in various sizes, ranging from 18×20 ft to 24×24 ft, and whatever the size, we can customize it to meet your specific needs. And, of course, we will comply with all local regulations and building codes.

Working with Indiana Garage Guys

When you choose us as your garage builder in Highland, IN, our mission will be to build you an amazing garage that adds value to your home. From the moment we give you a free quote until we complete and wrap up the project, we make sure to keep you well-informed every step of the way. Before we pour the first concrete or drive the first nail, we’ll talk with you in detail about the design and style of your new garage to make sure it’s exactly what you dreamed of having.

To make sure we deliver the top-notch quality you want, our team will follow a detailed, 28-point construction process, while getting all the necessary permits and fully complying with local building codes.

Garage Construction Costs in Highland

The cost of building a garage will vary based on the size of the project. As a rule, building a detached garage is less costly than adding an attached one. Whatever your choice, we offer budget-friendly financing options and be sure to keep an eye out for our special deals to help you save even more.

Garage Construction in Highland, IN

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We would love to have the opportunity to boost your home’s value in Highland or surrounding communities by adding a new garage, and we’re always happy to start with a free estimate. Just call us and we’ll connect you with a designer to start planning your personalized garage.
Give us a call at Indiana Garage Guys or reach out to us online, and let’s start planning and working together to make your garage dream a reality!

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